Gokulam Grand Trivandrum

Banquets Gokulam Grand

Banquet Halls, Board Rooms and Conferencing

The banquet halls, board rooms and conferencing areas are elegantly appointed spaces that follow the design schematic visible everywhere in the hotel - soft lighting, plenty of chrome and glass, subtle motifs that reflect the local culture and elegant furnishing in a palette of muted shades of white, grey and brown. And of course, it goes without saying they are all equipped with the state of the art in amenities and cater in terms scale to a varied range of requirements from our guests, be it a private occasion, a business gathering or a corporate meeting. On offer are a grand ballroom, a pair of state of the art boardrooms and a meeting room, all backed by superior event planning, world class service and audio-visual equipment.

  • Gokulam Grand Trivandrum
  • Gokulam Grand Trivandrum
  • Sabari

    Grandeur exemplified and an expansive space that is ideal for occasions that involve large groups. Scaleable to accommodate different requirements.

  • Atrium 1

    Elegant, stylish, just perfect to ensure that you make an impression. A space that can be configured to fit a diverse range of requirements.

  • Atrium 2

    A relatively smaller space nevertheless perfect for those occasions that involve smaller gatherings events and occasions. Elegantly furnished and designed for efficiency.

  • Atrium 3

    A space that strikes an optimal balance between spatial design and efficient functionality. Best in class amenities and flexible to accommodate different configurations to suit an event or occasion.

  • Gokulam Grand Trivandrum
  • Gokulam Grand Trivandrum